Try Online Learning During Quarantine Period

To all pupils of SJK(C) Jalan Davidson,

School fully understands that learning is essential at anytime and anywhere. Since quarantine is compulsory, as school authority of SJK(C) Jalan Davidson, we have successfully obtain permission from Dynabook Computer Centre to allow all SJK(C) Jalan Davidson pupils to log on to their Litespeed Singapore Online Learning portal to continue learning during the quarantine period. Please select courses according to your level and learn according to your own pace. You may check homework online.

From: HM of SJK(C) Jalan Davidson

Kindly log-in to Litespeed’s Online learning portal

Students may use the following User IDs:

stu0001, stu0002, stu0003… stu2000
(0001 – 2000; there are 2000 User IDs available for usage)

Password: 123456

for example:User ID:stu1188
Password: 123456

Logon as Student Kindly select SELF-LEARNING > Courses after logged in.

Please select your combination of different digits for the user log-in. For example, you can choose to login using stu0136, stu1348, stu1703 etc (0001 - 2000) instead of User ID that uses repeated numbers and also auspicious type of numbers e.g. stu000x, stu00xx, etc. The reason is if the same User ID is used by too many students at a time, as part of security features, the system will restrict activities accessed for particular User ID and finally may log them out of the system.

For technical assistance, please contact:
Tel: 03-5569 0396

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